Drunk Driving Charges Are Defensible

Driving under the influence is a serious charge with equally serious consequences for even first-time offenders. DUI laws are constantly being reviewed and amended making the competent handling of these already complex cases even more challenging.

The attorneys at Billam & Henderson, LLC Attorneys at Law, have extensive knowledge and experience in handling DUI cases. The complex nature of a DUI charge along with the ever-changing laws places more importance on an attorney having extensive knowledge and experience in this area of practice. And this knowledge gives you a distinct advantage when it comes to defending against DUI charges.

The Criminal Consequences Of DUIs

Even a conviction for a first-time DUI in Kansas requires an individual to serve time in custody before probation can begin. Minimum fines are steep and probation is intensive. If you are found guilty, you may also face some form of license suspension, mandatory ignition interlock, diversion or probation. Even after you abide by every punitive measure imposed by the courts, you will still have a criminal record, which can impact future job searches or educational pursuits.

From that initial stop to the field sobriety testing, to the blood, urine and breath testing, the moving parts of the criminal process requires an in-depth and thorough review by a skilled and seasoned attorney committed to protecting your rights. Our criminal defense attorneys will attend to every detail of your DUI defense.

The Driver's License Consequences Of DUIs

For those charged with a DUI/OUI/DWI, a common thread is how overwhelming the experience can be and the license appeal deadline is often overlooked. When cited with a DUI in Kansas and a DWI in Missouri, you have a limited period of time to appeal your driver's license suspension. In Kansas, you must file the proper paperwork within 14 days and in Missouri, you must file the paperwork within 15 days.

You can win your DUI case at trial and still have a driver's license suspension, especially if you fail to file the initial driver's license suspension appeal. The financial fallout from drinking and driving is greater than people realize. In addition to license suspension, insurance rates could increase to levels you cannot afford to pay.

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