Protection From Abuse And Stalking Cases Have Serious Repercussions

Relationships are emotionally charged and often lead to allegations by one of the parties of potential abuse or in some cases stalking. The laws aggressively protect people from abuse and stalking by streamlining the process for temporary orders and permanent orders to be placed against you.

These orders have major consequences for the individuals they are ordered against. These orders can lead to problems gaining or keeping adequate employment and may lead to criminal charges being filed against you if the order is violated.

Protecting Your Well-Being Against These Actions

The family law attorneys at Billam & Henderson, LLC Attorneys at Law, will work diligently to protect your rights in these emotionally charged proceedings. These civil hearings move rapidly toward a final resolution, which may result in no contact with another, their home or place of employment. Do not hesitate in contacting our experienced lawyers to discuss the options available to you.

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