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June 2018 Archives

What are the potential penalties for driving without a license?

For most people, instances of driving without a license aren't going to affect your everyday life. However, for those who never took the license test or whose license was suspended or revoked, this could become an issue if they are caught driving without a valid license. There are sometimes instances in which a person is pulled over and accused of driving without their actual license -- for example, forgetting it at home. This is different than driving with a revoked or suspended license.

Blood alcohol concentration levels, tests and accuracy

Alcohol affects every person differently. So many factors can impact a person's ability to process alcohol that it can be tough for the average drinker to determine the impact on their sobriety and ability to drive. Blood alcohol concentration is often measured by law enforcement when a person is suspected of drunk driving. So, what is BAC, how is it detected and how accurate are the tests?

Felony charges, arrest made related to Overland Park shooting

An Overland Park neighborhood was the scene of an alleged assault last month. While gun use certainly isn't unheard of, both in this area and around the country, it was surprising as to who has been accused of a crime in connection with the incident. A Johnson county judge's son was the one picked up and arrested after one victim has been named in critical condition after the incident. This charge comes after 2014 and 2017 accusations related to drug and drunk driving crimes.

Criminal defense is advisable when facing assault charges

People are emotional -- it's part of being human. However, sometimes a person's emotions get the better of them and they react to a situation in a way that isn't becoming. Criminal charges can arise if a situation escalates and a physical altercation occurs. There are limitless ways in which this can happen, with the most common being between family members, friends or acquaintances. That being said, some physical altercations are between complete strangers.

What type of domestic violence are you accused of?

Facing any type of criminal charge can have serious repercussions on a person's life. If convicted, you could face penalties like jail time or fines, and in some cases, even if you avoid conviction, the damage to your reputation could prove long lasting. Unfortunately, many people find themselves falsely accused of crimes or accused of crimes when they were attempting to defend themselves.


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