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July 2018 Archives

Possible defenses to drunk driving charges

Drunk driving charges can be particularly serious and can rob accused individuals of their freedom and future. There are a variety of different options when defending against drunk driving charges and accused individuals should be familiar with all of them and which options may be able to help them in their situation and circumstances.

What can I do about shoplifting charges?

Shoplifting charges are serious charges which can result in serious penalties, consequences and a criminal record. Though shoplifting charges are usually misdemeanor charges, they should never be taken lightly and any accused individual facing them should understand what to do in response.

Why felony charges are so serious

Felony charges are serious criminal charges possible and should never be taken or treated lightly. This is because they are the most serious type of criminal charge an accused individual can face and carry the stiffest potential penalties and consequences. Unlike misdemeanor charges which can be punished by a year or less in jail, felony charges can carry harsh penalties of a year or greater in prison. Individuals accused of committing a felony can also face significant fines and other potential penalties and consequences.

How ADD medication can ruin your child's future

When summer holidays are over, it's time to prepare for the upcoming school year. For you, this means more than buying notebooks and new shoes if your child is going off to Kansas State University or another institute of higher learning. You may need to purchase supplies for your child's dorm room, get a tune-up for your child's car and schedule a checkup for your child at the doctor.


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