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Plea bargaining basics and what to know about them

The plea bargaining process is an important part of the criminal justice system for any accused individual to understand and be familiar with. Many criminal cases are plea bargained, which is why it is essential that accused individuals understand what plea negotiations entail.

Why felony charges are so serious

Felony charges are serious criminal charges possible and should never be taken or treated lightly. This is because they are the most serious type of criminal charge an accused individual can face and carry the stiffest potential penalties and consequences. Unlike misdemeanor charges which can be punished by a year or less in jail, felony charges can carry harsh penalties of a year or greater in prison. Individuals accused of committing a felony can also face significant fines and other potential penalties and consequences.

Criminal defense is advisable when facing assault charges

People are emotional -- it's part of being human. However, sometimes a person's emotions get the better of them and they react to a situation in a way that isn't becoming. Criminal charges can arise if a situation escalates and a physical altercation occurs. There are limitless ways in which this can happen, with the most common being between family members, friends or acquaintances. That being said, some physical altercations are between complete strangers.

Criminal defense strategy advisable when accused of a crime

When it comes to the law, it isn't always comparable to what you see on 'Law and Order' reruns. Court decisions generally do not move as quickly as they do in 'Judge Judy'. If you are using television for the basis of your criminal defense strategy, you may want to think again. A quality, well-crafted criminal defense strategy will consider all angles when a person is accused of a crime and will choose the defense that best suits the defendant.

Caught speeding? Think traffic diversion program

You were out and about, minding your own business. Then, you see them. The blue and red lights shining in your rearview. An officer pulls you over for speeding, something you didn't even realize you were doing. Doesn't matter, though, they clocked you well over the limit and now you are facing a hefty fine, increased insurance rates and points against your license. Is it possible to avoid any or all of these consequences?

Did confusion lead to your facing a resisting arrest charge?

When you find yourself in a confusing situation, you may not know the best way to react. This type of incident may be relatively minor, or it could be part of a bigger predicament. If you are involved in an event that results in police coming to the scene, you could feel panicked and wonder how the situation could affect you.


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