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How can I challenge a field sobriety test being used against me?

A field sobriety test can sometimes lead to a drunk driving charge which makes it is essential for accused drivers to know how to challenge a field sobriety test. There are different methods of challenging a field sobriety test each of which accused drivers facing drunk driving charges that resulted from a field sobriety test they allegedly failed should be familiar with.

Kansas football players facing DUI charges

Criminal defense protections are important to be familiar with when facing DUI charges or any other criminal charges. Two Kansas University football lineman have been arrested recently on DUI charges. Most recently, an offensive lineman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence charges and prior to that, yet still this summer, a defensive lineman was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence charges. The most recent arrest apparently occurred at a local Walgreens. The football program stated it is in the process of gathering all of the details of the situation.

Possible defenses to drunk driving charges

Drunk driving charges can be particularly serious and can rob accused individuals of their freedom and future. There are a variety of different options when defending against drunk driving charges and accused individuals should be familiar with all of them and which options may be able to help them in their situation and circumstances.

Blood alcohol concentration levels, tests and accuracy

Alcohol affects every person differently. So many factors can impact a person's ability to process alcohol that it can be tough for the average drinker to determine the impact on their sobriety and ability to drive. Blood alcohol concentration is often measured by law enforcement when a person is suspected of drunk driving. So, what is BAC, how is it detected and how accurate are the tests?

How to defend against drunk driving charges

A DUI charge in Kansas can result in serious penalties and consequences for the accused driver. Accused individuals can face potential jail time, significant fines and the loss of their driver's license. A DUI can also create an arrest record and can have a significant impact on the personal and professional lives of the accused individual.

What are zero tolerance laws in relation to underage DUI?

Underage drinking is nothing new. Kids and teens under 21 have been experimenting with alcohol since forever. However, drinking illegally can have entirely different consequences when someone under the age of 21 is under suspicion or charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence.

Kansas House bill will impact repeat DUI offenders when finalized

The motivation and meaning behind laws is more than just telling people what to do. Many laws are passed with the hope of keeping people safe and ensure a good quality of life of every Olathe resident. However, sometimes people make mistakes and are accused of breaking the law. One bill in the Kansas House is prepped to pass into law and the outcome would affect repeat DUI offenders.

A DUI conviction has lasting consequences

Driving home after having a few drinks may not seem like a big deal. After all, it's only a few blocks, and you have driven it countless times. In fact, you may have driven home before when you were in worse shape, and you made it home without an arrest or an accident. For these reasons, you may feel like a DUI arrest is not a big deal. You will pay your fine, and it will be over.


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