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What is a misdemeanor charge and what can I do about one?

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, you may wonder what that means for you and for your future. Misdemeanor charges are a category of criminal charges that are generally less serious than felony charges but should not be taken lightly because they can still result in serious penalties and consequences for the accused individual.

What can I do about shoplifting charges?

Shoplifting charges are serious charges which can result in serious penalties, consequences and a criminal record. Though shoplifting charges are usually misdemeanor charges, they should never be taken lightly and any accused individual facing them should understand what to do in response.

What are the potential penalties for driving without a license?

For most people, instances of driving without a license aren't going to affect your everyday life. However, for those who never took the license test or whose license was suspended or revoked, this could become an issue if they are caught driving without a valid license. There are sometimes instances in which a person is pulled over and accused of driving without their actual license -- for example, forgetting it at home. This is different than driving with a revoked or suspended license.

Misdemeanor charges and the impact on the future

Past, present and future. These are all time periods in a person's life, and one can definitely have an impact on the next. This is especially true when it comes to misdemeanor charges. Misdemeanors are often associated with certain traffic charges and criminal offenses that aren't prosecuted as felonies. While not a felony charge, misdemeanor charges should still be taken very seriously to avoid any negative impact on a person's future.

Misdemeanor and felony theft facing Olathe restaurant owner

If you've ever gone to a bar and ordered a drink, the bartenders often ask if you want to 'keep it open,' meaning to keep the card open on file at the bar until you're ready to pay your tab for the night. It's common practice at any average bar or restaurant. Except something went wrong when a customer couldn't find his card after visiting a local Olathe restaurant. The owner of the restaurant has since been charged with misdemeanor and felon theft charges.

What are misdemeanor criminal charges?

Whether you or a loved one is facing a misdemeanor criminal charge or a felony criminal charge, they are all serious criminal charges but you may have some questions related to potential penalties and consequences. Misdemeanor criminal charges are generally considered to be lesser charges than felony criminal charges. In addition, they are punishable by a year or less in jail whereas felony criminal charges are generally punishable by a year or greater in prison.

Can Olathe traffic offense be charged as a misdemeanor?

Whether speeding, rolling a stop sign or turning without signaling, traffic infractions are technically considered breaking the law. While most traffic infractions are considered as such, some traffic-related charges can be charged as misdemeanors or even felonies.

When is a DUI considered a misdemeanor in Kansas?

We all make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes can turn into more severe consequences. If you might have had a few too many to drink before getting behind the wheel and were apprehended by authorities, you could be facing a slew of legal issues and potential consequences. With all of the legislation cracking down on DUI and DWI offenders in recent years, how serious could your DUI charge be?

What's the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

Whether it is yourself or a loved one who is charged with a criminal offense, you likely have a lot of questions. Many do not have even a general understanding of the law including vocabulary and even a person's rights or next steps in the legal process. This is completely understandable, but it doesn't mean a person should be uninformed throughout the entire process. A good place to start is understanding the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony.


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