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The seriousness of marijuana charges for accused individuals

Drug charges can carry serious penalties and consequences and stand in the way of the freedom and future of the accused individual. This is true of all different types of drug charges, including marijuana charges, which is why accused individuals should know how to handle the charges they are facing.

The serious nature of drug trafficking charges

Violations of drug trafficking laws can carry serious potential penalties and consequences. As a result, individuals facing drug trafficking accusations and charges must be familiar with the legal options available to protect them. Criminal defense options range from challenging the facts as alleged by police to challenging police conduct or procedure.

Reduced charges could be viable defense

If you have ever watched a cop show on television, you may have heard the term reduced charges. While this is a good term to hear next to the word charges, what exactly does it mean? Reduced charges mean that an initial crime, say a drug charge, was lessened in comparison to the original charge. Receiving a reduced charge can be the goal of a good criminal defense.

Privacy and search warrants in relation to drug charges

If you or a loved one has been arrested and accused of a drug crime, there are often many questions the accused and their family has. For a person to be accused of a drug crime they usually are accused of being in possession of, or under the influence of, illicit drugs. For law enforcement to determine if that is the case usually requires some level of search and/or seizure. There are laws pertaining to search warrant requirements that should be upheld during this activity by law enforcement.

Don't let a marijuana possession charge snuff out your future

Although multiple states have moved forward with legalizing recreational marijuana, Kansas still views marijuana as a drug that you cannot use recreationally. In fact, even using medical marijuana is illegal in the state.

Controlled substances and drug charges

Have you ever heard the term "controlled substance" and wondered what it means? Controlled substances are generally illegal drugs thought to have a detrimental effect on a person's health and welfare. However, certain controlled substances can be legal, if they are administered by prescription, under controlled circumstances.

Want legalized marijuana in Kansas? It could be awhile

With many cities and states around the US legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, many supporters of marijuana are eager to be the next state or city on that list. While a couple bills in support of the drug have made their way to the Kansas Legislature, they stopped short of a debate in both the house and senate for various reasons. Those in support of legalization say the plant has less harmful effects than alcohol and can be used to provide relief for a variety of ailments. Meanwhile, opponents claim that marijuana use has a social cost, just like alcohol, and that federal law is clear on its prohibited status.

KS man's drug charges dismissed due to prosecutor misconduct

There are lots of ways to build an effective criminal defense. While telling your side of the story can always be valuable when facing criminal charges, the prosecution accusing a person of their drug crimes must follow due process and other regulations when collecting evidence in a criminal case. If the prosecution does not conduct their investigation according to law, it should be made known by the criminal defense.


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