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Charged with a crime? Know this — every crime is defensible. Contact Billam & Henderson, LLC, today to find out how we can help defend — and protect — your legal rights.

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An Arrest Does Not Equal A Conviction

The moment you are arrested on suspicion of a crime is the moment you need legal counsel. Time is of the essence. Even the odds you face when dealing with law enforcement. Secure the services of an attorney who will guide you through the process while protecting your rights.

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Defending your rights in drug cases

From misdemeanor marijuana possession to felony cocaine trafficking, drug crimes must be addressed quickly and with an understanding of the law. Whether it is a first-time offense or you’ve been convicted previously, our attorneys understand the potential consequences and are familiar with the treatment programs utilized by the courts. Let us get you the chance you deserve.

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DUI Defenses

Driving under the influence is a serious charge with equally serious consequences for even first-time offenders. DUI laws are constantly being reviewed and amended making the competent handling of these already complex cases even more challenging.

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Protecting Your Children Against Juvenile Charges

When a minor child is charged with a misdemeanor or felony, the consequences go beyond legal penalties. A promising future is in doubt when it comes to educational and career choices.

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The Justice System Takes The Charges Against You Seriously
— And So Will We

When it comes to your future, don’t leave anything to chance. The police, prosecutor and judge won’t think twice about throwing the book at you — to them, you’re just another case number. To protect yourself, you need a strong defense on your side — a team that dedicates itself to criminal law and truly cares about protecting your rights and your future.

For more information, schedule a free initial consultation at Billam & Henderson, LLC Attorneys at Law, in Olathe or Lawrence by filling out our online intake form or calling (913) 782-4030. We treat your defense as if your future depended on it — because it very well may.

The attorneys at our firm are licensed to practice law in both state and federal Kansas and Missouri courts.

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Jason took very good care of my case (driving without an interlock device). Went from possible jail time to paying less than 10% of the potential fine and I ended up not even having to show up. Highly recommend and would definitely hire again (hope I don’t have to of course!).

- Former client

I got a DWS/no proof of insurance ticket last week. I called Courtney for advice on where I should start as far as getting it taken care of. He was very insightful, helpful and polite. I definitely recommend him to anyone needing legal help!

- Tara

I am so happy I chose Mr. Henderson! I researched very long and hard to find the best attorney and I did! He is also very honest and fair when it comes to billing for his services. I would absolutely recommend him! Thank You, Mr. Henderson for peace of mind!

- Meribah

Mr. Henderson was very honest and upfront, about my legal situation from the initial face to face interview. He’s very responsive, and gives you a detailed analysis of each legal option that’s available to you. It was really hard to deal with my personal matter, but Mr. Henderson made me feel comfortable, and guided me through the entire legal proceeding.

- Michael

From the first consultation to the last day in court he was nothing but impressive. Courtney was very honest and up front. Courtney displayed a sense of knowledge beyond reproach inside the court room. He was a very professional individual. I will, knock on wood, contact him if needed in the future and I would recommend him anyone. Thank you for your help Courtney.

- Mike