Ways to challenge a Breathalyzer test

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Drunk driving charges are serious criminal charges that can result in extensive penalties and negative consequences for accused individuals. One way of challenging a drunk driving charge based on a Breathalyzer test is to challenge the reliability of the testing device. Breathalyzer tests are used to measure the accused driver’s blood alcohol content based on them blowing […]

How can I challenge a field sobriety test being used against me?

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A field sobriety test can sometimes lead to a drunk driving charge which makes it is essential for accused drivers to know how to challenge a field sobriety test. There are different methods of challenging a field sobriety test each of which accused drivers facing drunk driving charges that resulted from a field sobriety test they allegedly […]

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

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Accused individuals may find themselves facing felony or misdemeanor charges and may wonder what the significance of one over the other is and what the difference is. Any type of criminal charge is serious, but it is helpful for accused individuals to know what they are facing when confronted with criminal charges of any type. […]

Kansas football players facing DUI charges

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Criminal defense protections are important to be familiar with when facing DUI charges or any other criminal charges. Two Kansas University football lineman have been arrested recently on DUI charges. Most recently, an offensive lineman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence charges and prior to that, yet still this summer, a defensive […]