Criminal Defense

An Arrest Does Not Equal A Conviction

Jason B. BillamThe moment you are arrested on suspicion of a crime is the moment you need legal counsel. Time is of the essence. Even the odds you face when dealing with law enforcement. Secure the services of an attorney who will guide you through the process while protecting your rights.

Evening The Odds And Overcoming The Obstacles When You Face Criminal Charges

At Billam & Henderson, LLC Attorneys at Law, we represent clients charged with a wide range of felony and misdemeanor crimes. Specific areas of our criminal defense practice include:

The consequences are too severe to forgo representation from a skilled and experienced lawyer.

If you are facing a felony, misdemeanor or traffic charge in Kansas or Missouri, you will want an attorney by your side who knows his way around the criminal justice system.

The attorneys at Billam & Henderson, LLC Attorneys at Law, are here to evaluate your case and aid you in making the necessary decisions for your future. Since 2005, the attorneys at Billam & Henderson, LLC Attorneys at Law have made a formidable team with strong voices for their clients’ rights both in and out of the courtroom.

Assert Your Right To Legal Representation From An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

We know the stakes are high and the consequences from a criminal case are real and life-changing. The trial attorneys at Billam & Henderson, LLC Attorneys at Law, will not shy away from litigation to provide the best outcome for you.

Whether you have been arrested for a crime or informed of an investigation, do not hesitate. Contact Billam & Henderson, LLC Attorneys at Law, now. Fill out our intake form or call our office in Olathe today at (913) 782-4030.

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