Drug Offenses

Defending Your Rights In Drug Cases

From misdemeanor marijuana possession to felony cocaine trafficking, drug crimes must be addressed quickly and with an understanding of the law. Whether it is a first-time offense or you’ve been convicted previously, our attorneys understand the potential consequences and are familiar with the treatment programs utilized by the courts. Let us get you the chance you deserve.

Drug Convictions Carry Consequences. You Need Seasoned Legal Counsel.

At Billam & Henderson, LLC Attorneys at Law, we will conduct an in-depth, exhaustive investigation of every aspect of your case. We will look into every detail from the moment you were contacted, detained at home or pulled over while driving.

  • Did the arresting officer have reasonable suspicion to pull you over?
  • Were you detained at the scene for an unreasonable period of time?
  • Was consent to search voluntarily given to the officer?

If your rights were violated, the search was illegal or the detention was unreasonable, our attorneys will file a motion to suppress the illegally obtained evidence on your behalf.

Our attorneys have the skills, experience and knowledge to help you. We have represented clients charged with drug possession, sale of illegal substances and the manufacturing or growing of illegal substances such as marijuanamethamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and prescription medications. We have succeeded in minimizing incarceration time or provided clients with the opportunity to enter treatment or diversion programs if eligible.

Misdemeanor offenses and drug possession does not have to result in serving jail or prison time. We may be able to enter fruitful negotiations with the goal of probation.

Minimizing The Impact Of Civil Proceedings

For the government, sometimes jail or prison time is not enough. Civil forfeiture proceedings are independent of the criminal case. Guilt is not the issue. The government will take actions to seize your personal property, including vehicles, cell phones and cash, that may be connected to the alleged crime.

Even if you are found not guilty of drug charges in criminal court, you could still lose the forfeiture actions against you in civil court.

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